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Kino Vino Film Night at Konstam - Oma and Bella

As part of my Konstam residency at the Calvert 22 Café, I'll be teaming up with Kino Vino's Alissa Timoshkina to present a night of food and film with flavours from eastern Europe.

We'll be screening the enchanting documentary Oma & Bella, an intimate portrait of two elderly Jewish women in Berlin with humour, powerful stories, and a deep fondness for good food.

Tickets include a welcome drink and snacks created by Oliver and Alissa to accompany the film.

Oma & Bella
Germany, 2012, dir. Alexa Karolinski, 76 mins

Oma and Bella is a deeply touching and endearing documentary about a life-long friendship between two elderly Jewish women living. While rooted in the tragic history of the Holocaust, the film is an ode to their resilience, survival and joie de vivre. It is a celebration of friendship, tradition and, above all, of Jewish food. It is through the food which Oma and Bella prepare together that they remember their childhood, maintain a bond to each other and explore questions of memory, heritage and cultural identity. They drink vodka, sing Yiddish songs and dress up to go out with their friends. Oma and Bella will evoke your unconditional affection and admiration from the very first scene!

More about the film here.